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WFDownloader App

26 February 2020

Batch image downloader with built-in website crawler.


WFDownloader is a free multi-purpose bulk downloader for your Mac. It will help you bulk download media content such as image galleries, wallpapers, music, videos, documents and so on from supported sites such as,, and many others listed in the website's FAQ. It also allows manual link search for unsupported sites and provides an inbuilt configurable crawler for advanced link search. It can be used to generate and bulk download sequential URLs having similar patterns, for example you can generate a range of URLs from image001.png to image100.png. The user interface has been carefully designed to be easy to use for beginners and yet still has advanced features for power users. WFDownloader App allows you to save your download progress at any time and resume later from where you stopped. The application is also able to automatically refresh expired links before resuming them. Whether you're looking for a bulk image downloader, sequential links generator or customized link search, WFDownloader App will be of use

Key features:
  • Easy to use
  • Proxy support
  • Save download progress and resume at any time
  • Strong resume support including automatically refreshing expired links before resuming them
  • Generate and bulk download sequential links (fusker URLs)
  • Batch download a list of links from a file or the clipboard
  • Batch download entire image galleries, wallpapers, videos, documents, etc., from supported sites such as,,,,,,,, etc
  • Batch download from unsupported sites using manual link search
  • Built-in customizable crawler for advanced/specialized link search on any website
  • Download up to 20 files simultaneously
  • Export batches of links to use in other applications
  • It's a free application

What's new in WFDownloader App

Version 0.75:

Note: Although Finder indicates that this is version 0.75, the developer states that this is version 0.77.
This sotware is a Java-based beta release. The download provided on this page contains the necessary runtime environment. Use "" or "Start.command" to launch

  • Added support for new sites including,, and others which you can view in the supported sites faq
  • Fixed cloudflare support for a few sites that required it, also fixed support for a number of reported sites
  • Improved the manual search algorithm to be able to better fetch links and images
  • Manual search now allows you to generate custom names for the search results. Useful for sites that have many files with random names
  • Provided a (temporary) user login solution via built-in browser for users that requested it due to not being able to use WFDownloader App's crawler on password protected sites. This feature will be improved on in a future update
  • You can now filter crawl results by file size

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