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Avalanche For Lightroom

06 February 2020

Move your pictures between apps without losing settings.


Avalanche allows you to migrate your Aperture or Lightroom libraries without loosing your settings, manage all your library migrations on your Mac in a few clicks. From Apple Aperture to Adobe Lightroom, Avalanche makes it easy to move your pictures between apps without ever losing your organization structure and image settings.

What's new in Avalanche For Lightroom

Version 1.0.5:
  • Added a new output option to choose how the source library structure should be migrated. Two options are offered:
  • try to reproduce the source layout
  • separate albums and projects
  • Added several new options to customize the folder hierarchy where images will be copied. It is now possible to create hierarchies that use the "Project" name, in addition to the capture date.
  • Added support for creating output folders based on the capture day, in addition to the month and year that were already supported.
  • Added support for choosing the Lightroom catalog version (v9 or v8). By choosing the latest version, there is no more need to upgrade the library.
  • Added support for Lightroom color labelled collections. The albums created by Avalanche are now color labelled.
  • Several UI improvements: added some gradients to improve legibility.
  • A serious bug with crops that were not always properly restituted; some images were also cropped with a resulting width or height of 0 pixels.
  • A bug where the folder hierarchy displayed in Lightroom was not correctly populated with the corresponding pictures.
  • Fixed some potentially duplicated albums when migrating complex structures.
  • Fixed a problem in the case of external disks having the same name.
  • Fixed a potential crash situation when some volumes were mounted or unmounted while browsing libraries.
  • Fixed a screen mixup in the on boarding window when moving rapidly backwards or forward.
  • Fixed a problem with the potential crash when parsing Aperture libraries with malformed data (missing dates, malformed adjustment data, ...).
  • Numerous small bug fixes.

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