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Core Data Lab

14 January 2020

Core Data database viewer/editor.


Core Data Lab lets you easily view, edit and analyse data of SQLite based Core Data apps. View, track and explore what’s inside your Core Data database, including all Core Data specific details like relationships, entity descriptions, fetch request templates and more

  • Setup a new project in a few easy steps using the project assistant
  • Select an app or model file and let Core Data Lab search for matching database
  • Or select a database file and let Core Data Lab search for matching apps
  • Or use the simulator browser to select a database and app combination in one go. Data change tracker
  • Hit the Play button on the toolbar to start tracking database changes
  • New, deleted and changed data rows are being displayed with distinct colours
  • Each previous row version is displayed individually, including all value changes
  • No need to change your project or implement special libraries. Data filter
  • Use the built-in easy to use predicate editor to filter and query your data
  • Save predicates as part of a Core Data Lab project for easy access
  • Duplicate predicates to make quick variants of the same filter. Data editor
  • Edit data directly in the detail panel or detail window
  • Delete rows directly in the data grid
  • All data mutations are validated by the active Core Data Object model. Relationships viewer
  • View instantly all relationships and related data of a selected row
  • Easily switch to another relationship
  • Selecting a row in the relationship panel will show the data in the detail panel. Simulator browser
  • Browse local iOS and iPadOS simulators for Core Data apps and databases
  • Add app and database combinations with one click to your project. Web viewer
  • Automatic detection and display of web links, HTML content, PLIST objects and binary content
  • Switch to Text view to inspect the HTML, XML or JSON text content of web links
  • Built-in HTML debugger. Entity description viewer
  • View all details of all attributes of a selected Core Data entity
  • Inspect all other details like relationships, indexes and constraints. Raw data viewer
  • Open and view SQLite databases without selecting a Core Data object model
  • Support for opening SQLite files in the Finder. Data export
  • Export a selected row or table to CSV or JSON
  • Export data tracking data to CSV or JSON including history data
  • CSV data can be viewed and further processed in Excel or Numbers. Project based
  • Your database, app and model references are stored in a Core Data Lab project
  • Data filters, selections and sorting settings are also part of the same project
  • This makes it easy to stop and continue working with your data, without recreating anything
  • Projects are saved as standard NSDocument files, including tabbed windows, auto save and more

What's new in Core Data Lab

Version 1.0.2:
  • Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.

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