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27 November 2019

Increase speed and comfort of sophisticated ORM editor.


Skipper increases speed and comfort of your work with sophisticated ORM editor.

Import, edit and export definitions just by a few clicks.

Powerful project import

Import your current, older or unknown project and get a complex overview about all its objects and logic. Or create a new model from scratch.

Repeatable editing and export

Change your model and repeat the export as many times as you need. Ready-to-use definitions generated by one click help you to make it simply and quickly.

Export of standardized ORM definitions

Project model is transferred to the definition files through well-designed templates compliant to all frameworks standards and rules. Supported export formats are XML, YML and Annotations.

Clear visual model

ORM schema is displayed in the visual model using an enhanced ER diagram. Skipper is full feature visual editor for projects using object-relational mapping.

Unlike other ORM tools Skipper combines its visual model with editing capabilities and code generation.

Objects edited directly in the visual model

All objects are editable by a few clicks through the smart graphical interface. Move, create new, edit or remove:

What's new in Skipper

Version 3.2.22:

Note: Although Finder indicates that this is version 1.0, the developer states that this is version 3.2.22.

  • Default theme to 2016 clean style
  • LinuxOS licensing
  • For "Column index out of bounds" error
  • Orinting support under Linux platform
  • Entity editor crash (Column index out of bounds)
  • Bug in Laravel polymorphic association export. Removed empty foreign() statements
  • Invalid singular name for many-to-many polymorphic MN table
  • Laravel related/foreign pivot key order for morphToMany
  • Migration export issue when multiple siblings fields are deleted.

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