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20 January 2020

Code sign Windows executables.


ExeWrapper lets you code sign Windows executables right from Mac through the magic of OpenSSL. Cross-platform developers can work, build, and sign in macOS. A simple convenience for any workflow.

Save time by staying in macOS to sign deliverables. No need to dual boot into another operating system. No headaches fumbling with VMs to find the one with the right configuration. Everything necessary to code sign is together, in one place.

Secure password storage

Certificate passwords can optionally be stored on your local macOS keychain. Keychain is secured and encrypted by the system. Never lose a certificate password again.

Share with others

Share saved documents and take advantage of intentionally designed portability. Files listed are saved as relative paths. The receiving party can open ExeWrapper, supply the certificate password, and click sign. Easy as that.


  • Code sign Windows executables without leaving the comfort of macOS
  • Spend less time managing certificates and passwords
  • Multiple-developer environment friendly
  • Not a subscription service!

License FAQ

The key expires?

A license key is valid for the version of ExeWrapper that is current on the day of purchase. The license key will also unlock versions of ExeWrapper released within the updates timeframe. After the updates timeframe, you will need to extend the license to unlock new versions. A license key will always unlock versions that were released prior to the end of the updates timeframe.

Updates Timeframe

Purchase of a new license entitles you to an updates timeframe of one year from the date of purchase.

Extending Updates

Extension of the updates period can be done any time after purchase of a license key. It works like domain name renewals. The updates timeframe will be extended by one year, or a new end date is set for one year from the purchase date; whichever is longer.

How do I extend my updates period?

After activating a license key the purchase button becomes an "Extend License" button. Click this to be taken to the extension page with your license details filled in. Additionally, entering a key that has expired will also offer the option to extend.

Can I extend after my updates expire?

Yes! Thank you for your support :)

What's new in ExeWrapper

Version 1.2.1:
  • Smooth resize preferences window
  • Improved visibility for drop indicator

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