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Pitch Ability Test1.05

29 October 2019

Test your Pitch Ability.


Pitch Ability Test gives you a measure for aural skills.

In an attempt to demystify the term Perfect Pitch, one of the main criteria "Accurately sing a named note without a reference" was used to make a more scientific approach than: you either have it or not. By introducing a method to measure the criteria "Accurately sing a named note without a reference", it is possible to show you where you stand on the road to Absolute Pitch. Since "Accurately sing a named note without a reference" is probably the most difficult part of Absolute Pitch, having a graduated feedback for this ability, is very useful. The test measures your pitch take over and retention ability. Both abilities are also basic music skills. First, to play in a group with others requires to be able to take over a pitch. Second, to retain a pitch for a longer time period helps to stay in tune and understand a piece from the tonic of the piece.

The test measures the time between a sounded pitch and the accurate reproduction with the voice in seconds. Since the time is unlimited, a upper maximum for the test at 4 minutes is proposed. This point is called Felix’s Pitch Point. Since individuals have different registers and preferences, and the test wants to measure your pitch retention, you are free to select 4 notes, for which you want to be tested. Four notes, because if you train this ability, the maximum test time for 4 notes is 4 times 4 minutes - equals 16 minutes. Daily training and repeatedly measuring shows you, if you make progress towards Absolute Pitch. Be warned, it is a tough test, since during the chosen test time, no other sounds are allowed. And 4 minutes of silence is a very long time. Nevertheless, the test gives you feedback to the criteria "Accurately sing a named note without a reference". Feedback allows you to identify your weak points, and therefore to improve these points. This scientific approach lets you estimate the necessary effort - and facilitates the decision - if you want to proceed on the road to Absolute Pitch.

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Version 1.05:
  • 64 bit compatible

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