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15 November 2019

Track & organize your workflow.


CurrentKey Stats lets you take control of your time and learn about your habits!

Stats at a Glance:

CurrentKey Stats makes it super easy to get an idea of how your day is going. Just click the menubar icon (or dock icon) to access your day's summary. Here you'll see your time spent in the day's top apps and a "More about your day" section, with highlights like what time your day started and when you got back from lunch. Because this view is accessible in a popover, you can get your stats even when you are full screen.


Unlike some competitors, which sync users’ data to the cloud, CurrentKey Stats *always* keeps your data local on your device. This keeps it private and secure.

Deep Dive:

Pour over the specifics of your app usage by clicking the App Stats button. Here you will see satisfying bar and pie graphs of how you've used your apps over the last 48 hours and week.

Go Further:

Look at your app usage statistics across the past 30 days, as well as compare this week versus last week, hour by hour, with the Stats Plus upgrade. Buying this package also enables downloading .csv data reports for every pie and bar chart included in the app (a total of over 12 reports), so you can go back to your logs at any time.

Rich Context for Stats and Desktop Management:

CurrentKey Stats lets you organize by "Rooms" so that you see all the apps' usage organized by whatever workspace your were in. You can assign a name for each Room (what we are calling the virtual desktops that your Mac lets you create), so you can filter time spent in apps by the Room you were using them in. For instance, you could name one "Work Project" and another "Game Time," so you can see how much time you were working vs goofing off.

You can even jump directly to specific desktops by name, all from that menubar popover (or via a custom hotkey, if you prefer)!

Customize Your Environment:

Once you get the hang of Rooms, you'll be swiping between them like a pro. For fast reference when swiping between them, CurrentKey Stats lets you pick out a unique menubar icon for each one. Handy!

A Distinct Look:

Want to customize each Room icon with color, borders, and more shapes? CurrentKey Stats gives you access to 250+ solid art-style icons, as well as the ability to add a bottom border to the icons and make them any custom color!

What's new in CurrentKey Stats

Version 2.1.2:

Note: While the software is classified as free, it offers in-App Purchases.

  • This version adds polish to the latest release of CurrentKey Stats, which added a major new feature: the ability to add custom characters including emoji (not just custom icons) as each Room's specific menubar icon! It's a neat way to further personalize your Mac's workspaces.
  • Specifically, version 2.1.2 fixes an menubar icon centering/alignment issue, and adds some under-the-hood tweaks.

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  • Intel 64
  • macOS 10.13.0 or later
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