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20 April 2020

Collaboration tool for remote teams.


There provides a base for collaborating clearly & smoothly in remote teams. Schedule a meeting. Who’s asleep? Who’s on holidays? What’s the team doing right now? When will this coworker be back? You can get answers for these questions with There.

The age of remote-first companies has unique requirements. There is the missing half of our communication tools. A new paradigm for helping with scheduling and time differences. Providing the foundation to work together remotely, smoothly and closely.

Today, Team Feed

Look around the office! Get a sense of what’s going on in the team


We set out to make the most beautiful scheduling experience ever made.


A mix of quick to digest plans and smart suggestions for every colleague.

Time and Places

Interactive. Visual. Quick. Exceptionally better than Googling.


Your office story. Fastest way to have a look around the team.

What's new in There

Version 1.8.10:
Anonymous sign in:
  • For people who don't need any of features like being added by friends, auto time update, they can proceed using this option!
Bug Fixes:
  • Fix deleting account bug, causing it to fail sometimes
  • More stable API due to fixing minor bugs

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