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HP Utility

16 October 2019

A set of HP printer/scanner drivers.


If you are currently running any HP hardware on your Mac then you will need to use the Mac HP Utility download.

This HP Utility for Mac will help you to monitor and manage your HP printer so that you can get the best out of it. If your HP printer supports wireless and USB then you can select these options from within this the HP printer utility Mac software.

The HP Utility is a very useful Mac download. You can also configure your HP scanning devices with the HP Scan Utility Mac functions.

From here you can set up your scanning quality and other settings. You can find the right version of the app for Mac OS X, which will help you to get the most out of your HP hardware.

Perhaps the biggest reason for Mac OS users to install this utility is for the full driver support that it offers. Without the correct software drivers, it is difficult to use hardware like printers and scanners. All in-one-devices also need software drivers, which the HP utility provides during installation.

The HP Utility offers lots of features


The HP Utility allows users to view the installed hardware on their system in a list. The information in this window allows the user to actively monitor the printer and look at its current status.

Supplies Status

This section shows users the current levels of ink or toner that are available in their HP devices. There is also a security feature called Ink Cartridge Protection which can be used if you do not want your ink cartridges to be used in another printer. This means that you can block other people from wasting your ink.

Supply info

Supply info shows details about the model type and name of the replacement supplies that you will require if they run out. The HP Utility also shows you what your replacement options are for your particular printer setup.

Device Information

From this section of the HP Utility you can find out about your printer’s model, the current printer driver that is installed on your Mac for that HP device, and the type of connection that it is using to communicate with your system.

This is also where you can print out a printer configuration page if you need to.


How do I find Hp Utility on my Mac?

To find the HP Utility on your Mac you will need to open the Mac Finder. Click on Go in the top of the menu bar, and then click on Applications. Once this has opened, you must click on the HP folder and open it. This is the folder where the HP Utility is located.

How do I open the HP Printer Utility on a Mac?

To open the HP Utility on your Mac you will follow the same steps. Click on Go in the top of the menu bar, and then click on Applications. Once this has opened, you must click on the HP folder and open it. Once it is open then double click the HP Printer Utility

How do I get my Mac to recognize my scanner?

All you need to do for this to work is to open the HP Scanner Utility. If you open the application and cannot see your scanner listed, then click on the Browse Scanners dropdown. This will start loading your scanner’s drivers if they have not been loaded yet.

How do I get my Mac to find my wireless printer?

This is very easy. To use the wireless options on your printer simply go into the All Settings tab inside the HP Utility. From this menu, you will see the Wireless Setup feature listed. Click on the Wireless Setup icon and follow the prompts. The setup will guide you.

Why is my printer not connecting to my Mac?

The main reason that your HP printer is not connecting to your Mac is that you do not have the HP Utility loaded. This will install the best drivers for your computer and printer and will ensure that you can start using the hardware after it has loaded the drivers.

What's new in HP Utility

Version 2.9.0:

Note: The download provided here is of an HP Easy Start Utility that helps you set up your HP printer and install all the necessary software, including HP Utility

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