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11 September 2019

Learn music chords.


If you play one (or more) of the string instruments, you can choose your favorite tuning option and whether you want to see the chords for right-handed or left-handed players. To select an instrument, tap on the picture of that instrument in the app window. Next, select a chord. You select your desired key and type of chord, and Chords Compass will show you what this chord looks like as music notes (for piano) or chord diagrams (for string instruments), and also how to find this chord on your instrument’s fretboard or keyboard, if you are playing piano. Play your chord by tapping the Play button.

For string instruments, you can change the position of your chord on the fretboard, and the app will show you how many chords of your selected key and type are available in this new position, as well as their chord diagrams.

For piano, tap the inversion buttons on the bottom of the app window to invert your chord. Switching instruments is really easy with this app. Just tap the picture of a new instrument, and try it out! All the instruments in the app are interconnected, which allows you to play the same chords on the new instrument.

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Version 1.8.2:
  • Initial release

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