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09 September 2019

Modern and intuitive HTTP debugging proxy.


Proxyman is a high-performance macOS app, which enables developers to view HTTP/HTTPS requests from apps and domains.

  • Intuitive interface - Proxyman was built for macOS with a focus on frictionless user experience. Navigate through three panels in a distraction-free environment. Organize apps and domains in the first one, view the flows in the second, and manage Request/Response content in the third.
  • Consistent performance - While Proxyman is ready to work on your tasks non-stop, it’s not draining your Mac. The app is written in Swift and C++ to keep your debugging performance high and ensure overall stability. So no need to worry about your battery use or network connection - they will be taken care for.
  • A list of sources, organized - Bring order into the way you manage and search sources. Based on Finder-like behavior, Proxyman lets you find apps and domains with Ctrl+Shift+F, just as you’re used to. You can drag and drop to organize sources as well as pin those you’re focusing at.
  • Automatic SSL proxying - Easily enable SSL proxying for domains. The app generates certificates automatically, so you can install and trust the Proxyman Certificate or add it manually. Acting as a middleMan, Proxyman logs HTTP/HTTPS traffic between SSL Web Server and your app.
  • View HTTP/HTTPS requests - With Proxyman Certificate installed, you’re all set for a smooth debugging experience. View HTTP/HTTPS requests in JSON, navigate between Header, Query, Cookies, and JSON response as well as search the content with in-built tools or your custom editors.
  • Professional debug toolkit - Proxyman comes with a collection of useful tools for refining your debugging. Repeat requests with current params, edit and test the new ones, or share your Proxyman sessions using the export feature. The app also enables working across multiple tabs.

What's new in Proxyman

Version 1.6.0:
  • Introduce Global Filter Content (⌘ + F): It’s easier to filter exactly the HTTP Request you’re looking for by URL or Content-Type like Google Chrome Tool does: All, JSON, XML, Documents, Image.
  • Start/Stop Proxyman doesn’t affect Proxying on mobile devices anymore.
  • Override System Proxy on demand: You can turn ON/OFF the System Proxy by Tool -> Proxy Setting -> Proxy System. If you’d debug only on remote device, just turn it off => All macOS requests are ignore, but capture all from your iPhone.
  • Add -proxy flag when copying in cURL.
Bug fixed:
  • Incorrect url-encoded when proxying to the server
  • SSL Wrong version when enabling SSL Proxying on HTTPS local server due to the absence of AltName in the Certificate.
  • Invalid HTTPS package from Postman
  • WS/WSS socket doesn’t work in some cases.

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