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26 July 2019

Multi-view File Manager.


QSpace is a clean and efficient Multi-view File Manager. It has the same operating habits and interface presentation as Finder, but also supports more flexible and practical features. With QSpace, you can easily get rid of the cumbersome switching back and forth between multiple windows, and find the target when you drag and drop!

QSpace has powerful Multi-View state Auto-save and Restore capabilities, which makes it not only a file manager, but also a secretary for your work status management. Make your work easier and more efficient.

In addition, QSpace also supports One-Click Opening of files or directories in terminal or editor, making it an efficient tool for developers!

Multi-view Workspace
  • Support 12 view layouts with one-click flexible switching.
  • Support multiple workspaces and switch quickly.
  • All workspace status is automatically saved and can be restored by opening it again!
File Management Enhancement
  • Browser-like address bar: Supports operations such as forward, backward, go to superior, copy or directly input path.
  • Terminal shortcut: Open selected directories in the specified terminal with one click (support Terminal, iTerm)
  • Editor shortcut: Open selected files or directories in the specified editor with one click (supports VSCode, Atom, Sublime)
  • Support for creating empty documents and folders anywhere.
  • Support copying, pasting, dragging, etc. between workspace views.
  • Support copy, paste, drag and drop operations between workspace view and other applications.

What's new in QSpace

Version 1.2:
  • Added segmented, interactive address bar.
  • Added direct delete files option (hotkey: Command+Option+Delete).
  • Added settings option: Keep folders on top by default.
  • Added settings option: Paste into the selected directory.
  • Added settings option: Sound effect on/off.
  • Added moving view feature.
  • Added directory bookmarks and quick accessing.
  • Added system hot directory quick accessing.
  • Improved program efficiency.
  • Optimized address bar and other user interface.
  • Cancel audio and video auto play in columns view.
  • Adjust shortcuts Command+O: Opens the selection.
  • Fixed system hidden file display exception.
  • Fixed file selection exception after dragging & drop items in columns view.

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