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SopoTube for Youtube1.0.1

24 May 2019

Use Youtube on the Mac without a browser.


SopoTube for Youtube allow you to use Youtube on the Mac without a browser and with fantastic additional features.

Why SopoTube for Youtube is better than other apps?
  • Best AdBlocker.
  • Customizable video Brightness.
  • Customizable video Saturation.
  • Customizable video Contrast.
  • Selectable Black&White video filter and other effects.
  • Automatic play/pause based on focus.
  • Badge number on dock for notifications.
  • Checkable time spent on Tube for YouTube.
  • Password.

Other Features:
  • No Silverlight plugin required.
  • Optional: Automatic opening at login.
  • Optional: MenuBar mini icon.
  • Optional: Hide Dock Icon.
  • Optional: Keep Window on Top.
  • Customizable HotKey to show/hide the app.
  • TouchBar Supported.
  • No useless titlebar over the window.
  • No annoying advertising messages at the start.
  • No in-app purchases.
  • No full version available through another app. This is the full version forever.

Keyboard Shortcuts::
  • Space: Play/Pause.
  • M: Mute/Unmute.
  • Left arrow: go Back on the video.
  • Right arrow: go Forward on the video.
  • Ctrl+Cmd+F: enter/exit Fullscreen.

Legal notes: SopoTube for YouTube is a third party app and is not affiliate nor sponsored by Alphabet Inc and derivatives.

Please, if you like this app, write a positive feedback and leave 5 stars on the Store, but for any kind of error or information contact the support:

What's new in SopoTube for Youtube

Version 1.0.1:
  • Initial release

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2 Reviews of SopoTube for Youtube

25 March 2020
Version: 1.0.1

Most helpful

Crashes when downloading videos and constant An error has occurred messages
19 July 2020
Version: 1.0.1
Let me start off by saying, that I love the idea behind this app....especially since I use safari as my sole browser (privacy reasons) and youtube on safari sucks. I also acknowledge that it's a free app, with that said it has couple of big flaws. Worked fine for a few days, but now it plays 3 ads before every video and for some reason the full screen button is greyed out. I know it's nitpicking, but why do you have to have the full name "SopoTube for Youtube" in the menubar, I know what app it is and what to does....there's no reason for it to take 20% of the menubar just the name. Again, these are suppose to help make the app better so please take it as such, I love using it for the first few days when it worked as advertised....but lately not so much.
25 March 2020
Version: 1.0.1
Crashes when downloading videos and constant An error has occurred messages


App requirements: 
  • Intel 64
  • OS X 10.11.0 or later
FreeAbsolutely Free

Downloaded & Installed 700 times

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