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13 December 2019

Search for bookmarks in your account.


If you have a subscription for the bookmarking site, this is the application you want.

Pinboard is a bookmarking service with no ads or tracking.

With the Roofs application, your search for bookmarks is fast and simple.


A shortcut opens the search window, you type, press enter and the wanted page is there. No trip to the mouse or trackpad is needed.


Roofs has a simple user interface. It is only there when you want it to be and reacts super fast on your searches.

Roofs will automatically adjust its appearance for Mojave's Light and Dark Mode.

Keyboard centric

All main actions of Roofs can be done with the keyboard. Search, edit, remove and so on.

Smart Tags

When you enter tags, the popup will only show tags that are available for the search and aren't entered yet.


Use Roofs as normal - or as background only application (switch via the Status Bar Menu). Set Auto Hide screen, display of favicons, start at login, refresh interval.

Chose an activate shortcut key combination (default SHIFT + CMD + B) and much more.


Roofs is written in Swift. Swift code is safe by design, and produces software that runs lightning-fast.

What's new in Roofs

Version 1.9.7:
  • All bookmarks can be exported to a .html bookmark file
  • Show the number of bookmarks after the group name
  • Group menus are sorted alphabetically
  • Increased the maximum number of groups Fixed
  • The share button en/disables more reliable
  • Roofs sees urls with- or without an end slash as same url
  • Wrong tooltip text when hovering over url
  • Group menu will also be updated after first time entry

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02 November 2019

Most helpful

Revives your usage
Version 1.9.4
02 November 2019
Revives your usage
Version 1.9.4