Quick Pallet Maker

4.8.4 02 Sep 2016

Calculates optimal box/pallet shipping dimensions.


Developer website: Koona LLC

Quick Pallet Maker calculates optimal box/pallet shipping dimensions.

Most products are shipped in boxes and then in standard pallets. Most of the time, these standard pallets are shipped within standard containers or in trucks. Frequently, there is some extra volume and/or weight in the containers or in the trucks that is billed anyway by the carrier but that is not used by the client. The use of this extra space through software tools should be an important factor for all manufacturers. Based on this need, at SCA Mecanica we have created Quick Pallet Maker, an easy to learn pallet loading/package design program that allows the user to calculate the optimal secondary package dimensions and pallet arrangements, thus reducing shipping costs.

Versions for various languages available here.

What's New

Version 4.8.4:
  • BF: Fixed bug that won't let you read all the information on "Fill Container"
  • BF: Fixed issue that shows Koona, LLC as an unknown editor on the uninstall dialog
  • NF: Change units option is now available from "Fill Container"
  • BF: Printing issue in 4-level packaging
  • NF: "Alternate Layer" feature added to the "Pallet Action" option on the "Tools" menu
  • BF: Issue mixing boxes and cylinders in pallets
  • NF: Added an Excel import format for the windows: "Start from Box", "Fill Container" and "Load Multiple Packages"
  • BF: Box 2D drawing is not working properly
  • BF: Issue when filling standard boxes with multiple packages
  • BF: Fix plural words
  • BF: Fix capitalized words
  • BF: The "Fix Column" option was removed from the contextual menu on "Fill Container" due to lack of functionality
  • BF: The extra columns on "Start from Box" were removed
  • BF: Issue editing table rows on "Fill Container"


  • OS X 10.5 or later


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02 Sep 2016
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