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06 January 2019

The macOS window manager for JavaScript hackers.


Autumn lets you automate your Mac using JavaScript, by writing code that automatically rearranges your windows, among many other things!

Increase your productivity

Window managers are one of the hacker's secrets to increased productivity. Manually managing windows takes small but real amounts of concentration away from more important matters. Over time that adds up. Window managers relieve you of that by doing all the moving and positioning for you.

Completely customizable

Most window managers give you pre-designed hotkeys that move windows in simplistic, often unhelpful ways. They don't adapt to your preferences or your behavior. Autumn puts the control back in your hands, by allowing you to shape your very own customized window manager through experimentation.

All-in-one IDE experience

Autumn comes with everything you need built-in, including a state-of-the-art IDE, embedded searchable documentation, and a developer console, so you can explore all that Autumn can do for you with complete ease, and experiment without losing your place or your train of thought.

Things you can do with Autumn:
  • Keep your Mac from sleeping while an app is open
  • Make your windows dance in place
  • Show sleep-time when your computer wakes from sleep
  • Full-fledged window manager in just a few lines of code

What's new in Autumn

Version 1.0.2:
  • Initial release

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