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03 January 2019

Cloud based inventory management.


EverdowPSI (Procurement, Sales and Inventory System) is a cloud based inventory management software designed for small-medium enterprises, presenting real-time inventory and sales revenue and purchasing information, increasing capital efficiency, allowing businesses adapt quickly to market changes.

  • Portal: real-time display of day sales, month sales and previous month sales information; month cost and previous month cost information
  • Inbound Inventory: track and tally purchased goods, automatically generate received inventory report
  • Outbound Inventory: track and tally inventory sent and automatically generate shipping report
  • Inventory: current inventory status and warning indicators for low inventory items
  • Product: manage products, including product cost, sales price, and low inventory level setting
  • Warehouse: designed for medium-sized or larger enterprises managing multiple warehouses and product mixes
  • User: create or manage user profiles, the system supports multiple users User Group: manage authority level by grouping users
  • Log: all operations are recorded in this log for reference

Note: While the software is classified as free, it offers in-App Purchases.

What's new in EverdowPSI

Version 3.3:
  • Change the Login window style
  • Add Backup Module, need purchase to use
  • Chinese users need select their state and city

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