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18 February 2019

Library for generating pretty QRCode image with input watermark.


EFQRCode is a lightweight, pure-Swift library for generating pretty QRCode image with input watermark or icon and recognizing QRCode from image, it is based on CoreImage. This project is inspired by qrcode. It provides you a better way to operate QRCode in your app.

  • Please select a high contrast foreground and background color combinations;
  • You should use magnification instead of size if you want to improve the definition of QRCode image, you can also increase the value of them;
  • Magnification too high/Size too long/Content too much may cause failure;
  • It is recommended to test the QRCode image before put it into use;
  • You can contact me if there is any problem, both Issue and Pull request are welcome.

What's new in EFQRCode

Version 4.5.0:
  • Added point style diamond
  • Added cache for last content

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