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12 December 2019

Photo capture with zooming, panning, mirroring, rotating, and framing.


SCSnapShot is a basic photo capture application which allows for zooming, panning, mirroring, rotating, and framing of both image preview and capture from USB and built-in cameras. Image is cropped to the framed area when saved. Zooming is not limited to the center of the camera preview, especially useful when the camera is mounted or used with a tripod. Automatically detects all compatible attached cameras, even when added or removed during a session. User can select any device supported configuration involving compression, resolution, and frame rate range.

Use the (long) press gesture to initiate a drag operation to frame the image free-hand. Alternatively, select one of the standard frame sizes from the dropdown. The frame is optionally adjustable when displayed. Click the crop/erase button to add or remove the frame at any time. Use the best-fit button to reset the image whether framed or not. Finally, there are options which allow or disallow the mouse/trackpad from panning, zooming, framing, and adjusting of the image and frame.

Both the camera preview and captured image can be rotated in the four primary orientations; 0, 90, 180, and 270. This gives greater freedom in placing or mounting of cameras, as it is easy to obtain a right-side-up image. Additionally, it is possible to mirror both the preview and optionally the captured image about the vertical axis of the displayed image to create the same effect as that of a front-facing camera on an iPhone.

The application fully saves and restores the state of each camera connected, including the rotation, pan, zoom, and frame. Camera state information is also restored between sessions. This makes scanning though multiple cameras simple and you always pickup where you left off.

Captured images are simply saved to traditional .jpg files on the drive(s) and folder(s) of your choosing.

What's new in SCSnapShot

Version 1.1.0:
  • Redesigned 'Settings' dialog to make it more intuitive. Rotate or mirror the preview from 'Camera Settings' to account for placement/mounting of camera. Use the rotation gesture or the center-top buttons to rotate a captured image. A center-top button also allow for a captured image to be mirrored about the vertical (y-axis). In addition, buttons at upper-left allow for incremental zoom either up or down to fine tune image zoom within frame. Buttons at upper-left allow for single pixel pan of image in any of the four directions to allow for fine tuning image position within frame. Additional 'Options' dialog settings exist to allow or restrict various gestures as desired.

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