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15 September 2019

Quickly check secure web sites.


SSLRobot lets you quickly test the configuration of your SSL web server on the internet or local network to see if has been configured correctly and securely.

An overall grade is assigned to the server and details of the SSL/TLS setup are checked:
  • Server and intermediate certificates
  • Encryption Protocols
  • SSL/TLS supported versions
  • HSTS configuration
  • Forward Secrecy
  • HTTP/2 support
Warnings and errors are displayed for settings that require attention such as:
  • Insecure SSL protocol versions that should be disabled
  • Certificates using weak SHA1 hashes
  • Missing intermediate certificates that require a separate download in the browser
  • Weak encryption algorithms

The SSL settings of SMTP, IMAP and POP3 servers can also be checked by adding a port number to the host name.

Note: SSLRobot is a free app. Any host name can be checked for free but the email, print and save features require an in-app purchase. You can try out the email, print and save features without making a purchase by using one of the following host names -,,,,,

What's new in SSLRobot

Version 1.2.21:
  • Improved: Supports hosts that use an IP based SSL certificate

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