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Shark Bridge2.95

01 May 2020

Bridge card game with online multiplayer.


Shark Bridge offers unlimited hands, duplicate bridge game, Daily Tournament with MP (%) scoring. Boards with full auction and play review from International, North American and European competitions

Internet is not required, except for Daily Tournaments and the Online Bridge Club. Shark Bridge is the winner of 2014 and 2011 World Bridge Computer Championships

You can email hands to your partner or other bridge friends for discussion as long as they have Shark or other App to open PBN/LIN files. Share the fun!

Bidding systems : Standard American 5 card major( SAYC or Shark flavour), 2/1 Game Force, Std English Acol (in development) bidding systems
  • Duplicate bridge game
  • Bridge tournament boards
  • Play Bridge offline ( no Internet ) or live on the Internet with your friends and foes
  • Never wait for a bridge table to fill in, our high quality robot will play bridge when needed
  • Hints and auction analysis are available at any time. Ask the Shark Bridge and it will help
  • Special hints when declarer is on the lead to a trick, Shark will suggest a play strategy
  • Open PBN (Portable Bridge Notation) and LIN ( VU-Graph) files from your email
  • Choose from regular and 4-colour card decks

Note: While the software is classified as free, it offers in-App Purchases.

Bridge Enthusiast $19.99
VIP subscription $24.99

What's new in Shark Bridge

Version 2.95:
  • Rebalancing of the robot's speed and skill. Speed is dependant on the complexity of the hand and adjusted as follow:
  • Bull Shark level (default), for the first 3 tricks, robots can take up to 15 seconds to decide on a play.
  • Shark level - faster level appropriate for casual play.
  • Baby Shark - much faster, the robots go by mostly hard-coded rules. Occasionally simulation might change their mind.
  • No thinking, robots never use simulations, appropriate for uncovering faulty hard-coded logic.
  • Problem Solver, robots will take up to 100 seconds per move on complicated hands. It is appropriate for comparing human and Sharks logic. This level is used in World Computer Bridge Championships.

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