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Workflow Timer Pro5.1.0

28 November 2018

Time manager implementing time blocking technique.


Workflow Timer lets you bring structure to your workflow by utilizing time blocking technique. Time blocking is an effective strategy for using time wisely and achieving greater results. Blocking out time for specific activities allows people to focus on one task at a time, limit distractions and procrastination

Basic workflow is as follows:

  • Define your tasks at hand, make a task list
  • Define a block of time during which you will eliminate all distractions and give all your focus to your tasks. Start the timer and work
  • Take frequent breaks. Regular breaks are conducive to greater productivity and concentration. During these breaks take a breath of fresh air, do some push-ups, stretch or anything else that helps you to restore your power
  • Repeat this work/break cycle and take a longer breaks when you feel you need to

What's new in Workflow Timer Pro

Version 5.1.0:
  • Minimised timer widget added
  • Some minor bugfixes

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