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TeleMe Desktop1.0.2

09 November 2018

Simple management & analytics software for Telegram communities.


TeleMe Desktop is the official desktop application for

Telegram group management & analytics bot software. TeleMe delivers a robust solution for managing ever-growing Telegram communities.

Highlighted Features:
  • Group Overview - Quickly see your group status at a glance with intuitive screens.
  • Bot Automation - Powerful bot automation service with intuitive configuration interfaces.
  • Group Dashboard - Get a quick overview of all groups your are managing or participating in. Reporting and Metrics Intuitive reports paint a complete picture.
  • Track Community Growth - Reporting helps you to track how your communities grow and see exact members' interaction. Reports give you lots of valuable information to help you improve your community growing forward.
  • Interactive Graphs - Interactive graphs show you how many members join, how many people talk in your group, what percentage active, and more.
  • Monitor trends - Find out what attracts people with TeleMe's group rank-lists. Learn from their habits, so you can better serve them. Fine-grained Member Management Search through all members in your groups. View activities of each individual member and manage rights of them.
  • Member List - Access a full list of group members joined after the adoption of TeleMe bot.
  • Search Members - Instant search gives you the ability to search for a group member based on the conditions you define.
  • Editing Member - View each individual member activity report and edit restrictions for that member. Team Collaboration Stay on top of what's happening, work together, and keep your team focused on the community growth.
  • Seamless Telegram Integration - TeleMe has been seamlessly integrated with Telegram Secure ID. The administrator team of your group is automatically recognized and synchronized, requires no extra setup.
  • Full Audit Trails - All management activates are logged. So you can easily see every effort made by your team.
  • Admin Access Control - Administrative privilege of each team member on TeleMe is automatically synchronized with Telegram. Anti-spam Sophisticated protection to keep your community safe and clean.
  • Long-name Spam Cleaner - Messages from spammer using long name for advertising or phishing will be automatically cleaned. And spammers will also be restricted.
  • Command Flood Cleaner - Bot commands flood is prohibited and senders will be restricted, without effects on ordinary usage of bot command.
  • Spotting Spammer - With member credit service across communities, most spammer can be automatically spotted for your judgement. Silent Mode When group silent mode switched on, only group administrators can speak in that group. This help you turning your Telegram supergroup to a channel temporarily.

What's new in TeleMe Desktop

Version 1.0.2:
  • Initial release

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1 Reviews of TeleMe Desktop

10 November 2018
Version: 1.0.2

Most helpful

Awesome tool but need some improvement like add download for monthly analytics reports. Thank You
10 November 2018
Version: 1.0.2
Awesome tool but need some improvement like add download for monthly analytics reports. Thank You