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01 March 2019

Manage your clipboard.


atC is a Clipboard Manager for MacOS. You can copy something and paste it later somewhere else, but get various extra Features like pin a Clip to be remembered, get details about the Clip before you paste and even get a Context to know when, what and from where a Clip was added.

atC can be either activated by a shortcut or from the Menubar Icon near the Clock, you paste something by simply double-click a Clip to copy it to your Clipboard

  • Pin a clip or it to be remembered for later use
  • Quicklook helps you find the clip you need at the moment by showing you the list of recent clips
  • The Search can be used to filter your Clips by any kind of content, even by its Contexts.
  • Sort or group clips by the app they came from
  • Simple saving of images
  • The Context becomes very handy if you may look for a Clip you created / copied a while ago and are not sure what it was, but remember partial informations about it

Note: Some additional features may require atC Daemon to be installed

What's new in atC

Version 1.6:
  • AtC now uses a better and fast Database Core system to dramatically improve Performance during launch and saving new Clips
  • Introducing Sidebar Mode: Now you can use AtC as a Sidebar attached to either left or right side of your Screen to prevent Content Covering of your current work
  • To enable Sidebar Mode go to Settings->Sidebar, you can either use it with Hotkeys or by touching Screen edge with your Mouse
  • Fixed an issue with multiple File pasting in MacOS 10.14 Mojave (didn't work anymore)

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16 April 2018
Version: 1.1

Most helpful

Your RSS feed says it's free, but the page you put it on says it costs $3.99. Which is it!
16 April 2018
Version: 1.1
Your RSS feed says it's free, but the page you put it on says it costs $3.99. Which is it!
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