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28 June 2019

Create and edit markup-formatted tables.


MarkupTable will help you quickly and efficiently create Markup-formatted tables in no time. MarkupTable allows you to import already formatted tables from files formatted with the languages MarkdownExtra, MultiMarkdown, HTML, Textile, Wikitext, BBCode, and Smark, add more or remove rows and columns, move entire columns and rows, and of course to edit individual cells.

Export your edited tables to your preferred markup language as a simple text-file or as a Textbundle- or Textpack-file. MarkupTable also acts as a CSV-editor and can therefore read in and save CSV files. When reading CSV files, MarkupTable can automatically detect the field-separator used in the CSV file.

More features
  • Extensive editing capabilities
    • Edit individual cells
    • Add rows and columns anywhere
    • Move rows and columns
    • Deleting individual rows and columns
    • Duplicating individual rows and columns
    • Automatically fill rows and columns with values
  • CSV as a base
  • Various preview options
  • Import existing markup tables
  • User-Interface Adjustments

What's new in MarkupTable

Version 1.2.0:
  • Rows can be moved up or down using menu or keyboard shortcuts
  • Columns can be moved to the left or right using menu or keyboard shortcuts
  • Tables can now also be edited in the CSV text area
  • New option for the batch fill function to specify if a numbering should be added
  • Free selection of several columns which are not next to each other (hold down the Command key and click on the column headers to be selected)
  • Batch fill now also possible for several selected columns or rows at the same time
  • Delete now also possible for several selected rows or columns at the same time
  • Move now also possible for several selected rows or columns at the same time
  • Duplicate now also possible for several selected rows or columns at the same time
  • Optional row numbering for the CSV and markup view (can be activated via the settings for the textfields)
  • Display error in dark mode in the CSV area for the segmented button fixed
  • Saving the CSV tables now avoids unnecessary line break at the end of the table
  • Save As ... function changed, so that the current document is not automatically closed and its current changes are lost
  • Improved display behavior of the row numbering in the table view when multiple rows are selected at the same time
  • Smark parser updated
  • Help revised
Bug fixes:
  • Error fixed for displaying Undo-text in the main menu

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  • Intel 64
  • OS X 10.10.0 or later
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