1.1.0 07 Apr 2018

Create and edit markup-formatted tables.


Developer website: Xelaton Software

MarkupTable will help you quickly and efficiently create Markup-formatted tables in no time. MarkupTable allows you to import already formatted tables from files formatted with the languages MarkdownExtra, MultiMarkdown, HTML, Textile, Wikitext, BBCode, and Smark, add more or remove rows and columns, move entire columns and rows, and of course to edit individual cells.

Export your edited tables to your preferred markup language as a simple text-file or as a Textbundle- or Textpack-file. MarkupTable also acts as a CSV-editor and can therefore read in and save CSV files. When reading CSV files, MarkupTable can automatically detect the field-separator used in the CSV file.

More features
  • Extensive editing capabilities
    • Edit individual cells
    • Add rows and columns anywhere
    • Move rows and columns
    • Deleting individual rows and columns
    • Duplicating individual rows and columns
    • Automatically fill rows and columns with values
  • CSV as a base
  • Various preview options
  • Import existing markup tables
  • User-Interface Adjustments

What's New

Version 1.1.0:
  • New additional option when saving CSV files, quoted cells, different modes:
    • do not use quotation
    • marks for cells
    • only use quotation-marks if necessary (if delimiter or quotation marks appear in cell contents)
    • use quotation-marks for all cells
  • Import delimited tables from the clipboard and most web pages.
  • Import a table from a CSV file which will be attached to the existing table
  • Added menu point for importing tables from markup files
  • Added menu point for export
  • MarkupTable now recognizes cells enclosed in quotation-marks as single single cells when loading CSV files, even if there is a delimiter-symbol in them
  • Some tooltips for buttons added
  • When importing tables from markup-formatted files, the imported table no longer replaces an existing table, but will be added to the end of the current table
  • Fixes an error when writing textpack files
  • Fixes an error in the calculation of needed columns, which could lead to internal errors under some circumstances
  • Fixes an error when undoing-actions in certain circumstances caused an internal error
  • Fixes a bug that caused a wrong display to appear after saving new files


  • OS X 10.10 or later


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07 Apr 2018
Intel 64 / OS X