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03 September 2020

Central launcher and hub for Blizzard games.


The desktop app from Blizzard is your gateway to all things Blizzard.

Play your games

Your Blizzard games are easily accessible so you can quickly jump in and start playing. When you’re not playing, the app automatically updates each game to the latest version.

Discover new adventures

Curious about a game you don’t have installed? Give it a try right from its game tab. Most Blizzard games are free to try!

Stay up to date with the latest news

The app also has curated news about Blizzard games, events, merchandise, and more - so you never miss out on what’s new at Blizzard.

Customize your profile

Your profile is a snapshot of your activity and interests, even outside Blizzard games. Choose an avatar to put a public face on your BattleTag.

Find new friends and see what they’re playing

It’s easy to find and add new friends using the app. When you’re friends, you can see at a glance what they’re up to - so you’ll know when to jump into a game, or when to get one going yourself.

Chat with friends

Your Blizzard friends are just a click away whether you’re in a game or just have the app open. You can also chat on the go with the mobile app.

Jump into voice chat

Built-in voice chat makes it easy to keep a group coordinated when you’re playing together, and easy to keep together if you move to another game.

Participate in Blizzard Groups

Blizzard Groups give you a home on to connect with friends and other players. They make it easy to discuss strategies, set up play time, or just hang out and chat.

The best place to get digital Blizzard games

Purchase new games and expansions directly from the app. You’re only a few clicks away from your next adventure.

Buy in-game items quickly and easily

The Shop is also where you’ll find in-game items such as loot boxes, pets, mounts, and more.

Exchange digital gifts with friends

Send and receive digital games and in-game items right from the app.

Note: The downloadable file is an installer that will install the client when opened.

What's new in


Note: The downloadable file is an installer that will install the product when opened.

  • We've made changes to how the App supports voice chat.

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Version: 1.13.1 is part of the game wow