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Focus Stacker1.5

01 February 2019

Print large high-resolution images for prints.


FocusStacker is an automatic focus-stacking application, perfect for making high-resolution images for large prints.

State of the art algorithm:
  • Automatic detection and seamless blending of sharp image regions.
  • Automatic image alignment for stacking.
  • Built-in planar stitching. Especially useful for microscope images where the whole specimen does not fit into one frame.
  • Optional exposure levelling routine available.
  • All processing done in 32 bit floats, import in all image formats supported by macOS (including those in Apple Raw), export in 16 bit TIFF or 8 bit JPEG/PNG.

What's new in Focus Stacker

Version 1.5:
  • Retouch mode. The feature allows to precisely select areas from source images those are used in composite image for complex cases, like moving insect antennae, similarly sharp backgrounds/foregrounds etc.
  • Stacking performance on large (30+ source image) stacks improved. 
  • Support for Dark mode.
  • Crop to original size option was removed

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