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11 June 2004

Image composer.


Picture Play lets you combine digital photos, scanned images, or any other graphics to create rich and diverse compositions with editable text content, backgrounds, and stylish effects including translucency, transparency, rotation and more. Its powerful multi-layered engine allows you to rearrange and edit individual objects freely until your original artwork is how you want it. You can then print, or export to one of many standard file formats, to share with family and friends, on paper or the web.

What's new in Picture Play

Version 1.9:

New Features & Enhancements

  • New Colour tool that allows you to change the brightness and contrast, hue rotation, and saturation of image objects.
  • New Luminance tool to convert an image object to it's luminance (convert it to grayscale).
  • New Objects Library which can store objects independent of documents and is accessible through the Library menu. Objects can be added to the Library from any document or created from within the Library window, and can be inserted into documents from the Library menu of the Library window, or used as document backgrounds through the Document Settings window. The Library window also has unlimited undo/redo.
  • New Modify Margins tool allows you to add or remove margins from an image object.
  • Multiple objects can now be selected and moved together by using the shift key.
  • New Align Object Tool allows multiple objects to be aligned with one another when selected.
  • Picture Play can now scale or trim it's output when printing a document which is larger than the paper size.
  • New loading window when Picture Play opens to be more informative as loading large Object Libraries can take a little time.
  • Rulers can now be toggled on/off from the Window menu for easier toggling for non-OS X users.
  • Objects and documents can now be exported to more formats with more control over the format options.
  • Improved clipboard with scroll bars that can now show transparency and has the ability to store and display multiple objects.
  • Picture Play now bounces it's icon in the Dock when in the background and needing attention.
  • Backwardly compatible changes to file format has made Picture Play documents up to 80% smaller (10-50% on average).
  • Improved Lighten and Darken object tools.
  • Added scroll wheel support throughout Picture Play.
  • Added the ability to resize the Text window.
  • Graphics engine speed ups when moving objects.
  • Picture Play now asks for a name when creating text objects.
  • Document settings window now automatically previews in the document window, so the preview button was removed.
  • Trim window now shows object transparency, has proper resize tab in bottom right corner, and has magnification pop-up button to better mirror the behaviour of document windows.
  • Double-clicking on objects now uses system timing.
  • Select All can now be used with Objects palette text fields.
  • Pressing enter as opposed to return when editing a text field on the Objects palette now sets value and returns focus to work area.
  • Layout of Object Tools menu slightly changed to be more logical.
  • The layout and behaviour of the New Document, Document Settings, Resize Object and Distort Object dialogs has been slightly modified for cosmetic and functional reasons.
  • Object palette tabs have been changed to look like Panther.
  • Render Text caution removed.
  • Pasted objects now stagger when there is more than one.
  • Reduced flashing when drawing under OS 8.6->9.2
  • Making an object invisible no longer deselects it.
  • Rulers are now off by default as they can significantly slow performance on older machines.
  • Picture Play will not run under Classic in OS X any more.
  • Good quality resolution preset changed to 144dpi from 150dpi.
Bug Fixes
  • Exporting now defaults to the correct file name.
  • Continuous movement of objects using the arrow keys is now logged as one event so undo/redo can be used properly after such movement.
  • Fixed erroneous separator in contextual menu when the clipboard was empty.
  • Fixed bug where objects that were very similar but slightly different to each other would switch their images erratically in some situations.
  • Text objects now make sure their dimensions are correct to avoid some ugly drawing when it's specified font is no longer available.
  • Objects list on Objects palette now has correct selection when switching between documents.
  • Background controls on Document Settings dialog now work correctly.
  • Modal windows now don't look inactive in OS X.
  • Documents with no page setup data no longer crash when saving.
  • Text Size pop-up no longer retains "Other (XX)" item when switching between documents/objects.
  • Print jobs now take correct name according to document name.
  • Fixed NilObjectException crash when trying to export the work area of a document which had no corresponding file.
  • Fixed problem where some object tools would not respect image object transparency/translucency.
  • Fixed scroll wheel behaviour.
  • Many, many more little and rare bugs.

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4 Picture Play Reviews

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12 January 2004

Most helpful

I was readily suprised how intuitive this app can be. Small in size, but big in fun. Composing images with Picture Play is a joy. It's like a Photoshop-Mini. Keep up the good work.
Version 1.8.1
27 December 2005
I don't normally write reviews but i do want to say that this is a quality easy to use product, and works amazingly well. I'm using it primarily to write onto jpegs which it easily does, in a varierty of fonts, colors, etc, and it's a breeze to move the text around. One tip for new users, to save modifications as a jpeg or other photo file click on "export work area" not "save as". Otherwise you'll get a Picture Play document type file instead of a jpeg. Give it a try!
Version 1.9
25 November 2004
This is the most worthless software I have EVER encountered. For example... it takes an image that is 361k, and when resized to half of its original size in Photo Play then the file size of the photo increases to 1.9MB !!! Don't waste your time with this junk.
Version 1.9
1 answer(s)
22 March 2006
Picture Play deliberately stores images inside the Picture Play Document Format as PNG data, which uses lossless compression. As such, although file sizes are often larger than what you'd expect based on the input (compressed JPEGs for example), you can be sure that every pixel will stay the same from the time when you import the image, to the next time you open the document. If a lossy file format was used (such as JPEG), although the file size would be smaller, you would get artifacts and the like showing up in the images, which would be a bad thing. In short, I believe it's worth trading file size for image integrity, and that is what Picture Play does.
Version 1.9
31 August 2004
I thoroughly enjoy playing with this application. Its easy and intuitive to use.
Version 1.9
12 January 2004
I was readily suprised how intuitive this app can be. Small in size, but big in fun. Composing images with Picture Play is a joy. It's like a Photoshop-Mini. Keep up the good work.
Version 1.8.1