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10 May 2020

Open applications, documents or folders quickly and easily.


innovative::bytes' start is an unique launcher for macOS that allows you to open applications, documents or folders quickly and easily. Create tidiness in your Dock and start items with the smart launcher app start instead.

start supports you and your workflow with a well planned organizational system for your items and quick access to what you need.

  • Tag it and love it! Use tags to create collections for your applications, frequently used folders, scripts or any other file. It has never been so easy to organize and sort items on macOS. Save a lot of time - searching was yesterday!
  • Comments and notes! Add comments and small notes to your items to describe them in more detail. The comments will remind you what the items can do for you. Small notes with big effect - so you always keep track!
  • Highlight your items as you like! With just a few clicks you can highlight your items with colors and find them even faster. Choose colors for more clarity and organization - effective and visually appealing!
  • Start with a simple keystroke! Assign a key combination to your individual items and start them immediately from anywhere with a customizable keyboard shortcut. Your workflow is no longer disturbed - you'll love the hotkeys!

What's new in start

Version 4.1:
  • Start now has an entry in the system services. This allows you to quickly send the selected files and folders to Start from the Finder and then open them with an application.
  • The context menu of the main window has been visually and functionally revised. You can now use the context menu to display the currently selected entry in the Finder, customize URLs on the fly and remove manually added entries with one click without having to go through the configuration first.
  • The tags in the main window now also have a context menu. You can use it to launch all entries of a tag at once.
  • The main window can now be detached from the menu bar. As an independent window, the main window remains open until it is closed manually.
  • The categories and tags in the sidebar can now be completely collapsed.
  • You can now add entries by drag'n'drop directly in the main window. Simply drag the entries into the main window while holding down the Option/Alt key. If a tag is currently selected, the new entries will automatically be added to this tag.
  • The input field for URLs is now multiline.
  • Entries in the configuration can now also be searched by their path.
  • Up to 11 configuration backups are automatically created each time the application is closed. The backups can easily be restored with a dialog.
  • In the settings you can now see which files and directories Start has permission to access from the sandbox.

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4 Reviews of start

17 November 2019
Version: 3.1

Most helpful

Amazing launcher. Takes the place of the need to se multiple launchers to create your own special tool.
26 February 2020
Version: 3.3
This application is incredibly helpful and stunning seriously , it combines all my documents, folders and URLs that I use every day in one place at a single click away and the features of tagging and color picking make it convenient and super quick , seriously one of the most amazing applications that enter the OS X platform since a while , it deserves more than 5 stars hands down . It let save a lot of time and save me space on my Mac as I deleted 2 essential Mac apps I have one the menu bar to access applications and folders . Very useful app.
17 November 2019
Version: 3.1
Amazing launcher. Takes the place of the need to se multiple launchers to create your own special tool.
13 February 2018
Version: 1.2
use LaunchPad. or drop Dock from folder that app alias. no more Mac resource and no more money. If you are so obsessed with the ghost of the start menu, return to Windows.
29 January 2018
Version: 1.1
This app is a must-have utility for everyone. It resides in your menu bar and after an easy* configuration, you've got your apps neatly sorted into functional categories. I have a fair number of photo apps and Start allows me to create categories inside the main "Image" category: Editing, browsing, filters, f/x, DAM, Utilities, and Gallery. Since many photo apps are multi-functional, an app can be added to different categories. The cost is much less than what it's actually worth if you have a number of apps that you use only occasionally and hate scrolling through the /Applications folder looking for something whose name you might not recall. This update with the ability to add comments and to hide all uncategorized apps makes it even better.
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