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01 July 2020

Schematic and PCB design.


DipTrace is a Schematic and PCB design tool. It allows you to convert schematics to PCB and back while being able to annotate easily. It also features wide import/export capabilities.

DipTrace features board design with smart manual routing an shape-based auto-router. You can take advantage of real-time DRC, high-speed and differential signals, 3D preview, STEP export, and Gerber and ODB++ manufacturing output.

Note: price reflects the "Standard" edition of the app. There are other editions available for purchase and they can be viewed here.

What's new in DipTrace

  • IPC-7351 standard pattern type
  • pattern is generated automatically by IPC-7351 generator integrated into Pattern Editor;
  • 3D model is generated on the fly in Pattern Editor and PCB Layout.
  • New IPC-7351 libraries.
  • UI has been optimized for 4k monitors.
  • Mac OS 10.15 Catalina support.
  • RoundRect and D-shape pads.
  • Pad shape can be shifted from pad hole center.
  • Teardrops for pads, vias, trace width change and T-junctions.
  • Rotating pads by any angle without changing to polygon.
  • Rotating component by any angle without changing it.
  • Pad terminals.
  • Segmented paste mask, solder mask by paste mask.
  • Solder mask and paste mask of pads are visible in the design area and can be printed.
  • Fiducial object in PCB and Pattern Editor.
  • Pattern Editor has a layer panel similar to PCB Layout.
  • Both Pattern Editor and PCB Layout layer panels have configurable layer order and visibility.
  • Courtyard layer, DRC does not allow courtyard region to be overlayed (touch is allowed).
  • Component outline layer (3D model can be built by component outline).
  • Configurable Silk to Pad clearance in DRC.
  • Remove silk from pads/holes/mask wizard in Pattern Editor.
  • Place outline wizard in Pattern Editor.
  • Similar pad numbers are allowed (in this case pads are connected inside a pattern, @ symbol before or after pad number allows to avoid warning).
  • Two types of internal component connections are possible
  • one of pads should be connected or internal connection can be used as jumper for the net;
  • all pads should be connected.
  • Manual routing improvements
  • Routing with static vias option;
  • Tab key can be used to toggle between selection of a segment, trace and net;
  • Del key is used for unrouting selected traces (node to node) instead of deleting net;
  • Delete Net option has been added to net submenu.
  • 3 ways to build and edit arcs (3 points, center-radius-angles, start-end-radius).
  • Any set of shapes can be converted to a board outline (you can place arcs, lines, poly-lines as you wish, connect their ends and convert the set to a board outline).
  • Updated properties dialogs for all shapes (now can be edited by dimensions).
  • Obround shapes instead of ellipses in all programs.
  • Snap to other objects key points when building/editing shapes, board and copper pour.
  • Multi-line text.
  • - "~" symbol is allowed in text (double ~~).
  • Text and pictures can be rotated by any angle.
  • Pictures are now vectorized and saved together with a design file.
  • It is possible to etch text or picture/logo in the copper pour.
  • Anchor point + Left-Center-Right, Top-Center-Bottom alignment is used for text, markings, pictures and while editing shapes.
  • Cut the right angle of the shape option.
  • New Component marking system in Schematic and PCB Layout
  • any number of markings can be displayed (display property is available for each field, including additional);
  • free angle rotation and alignment;
  • separate marking settings for assembly layer in PCB;
  • custom marking font by the component;
  • text with parameter property placed in Pattern/ Component Editor is counted as pattern marking (PCB/Schematic do not add additional text);
  • font settings can be applied to markings placed in Component/Pattern Editor;
  • move tool (F10) allows to move/rotate any text object inside a component directly in Schematic/PCB.
  • Pattern origin is shown as cross + circle (options) and can be displayed by layers.
  • 3 ways of building 3D models of the pattern (by file, by component outline and by IPC-7351 standard).
  • Filter can be stopped at any search stage, results are displayed in real-time while searching components.
  • Component properties dialog is redesigned to allow display and edit all additional fields at once.
  • Name description, unique name and manufacturer fields have been added to the pattern.
  • Free resizing of library/component list and additional fields in Component/Pattern Editors.
  • Pattern shape precision has been improved, recounting pattern shapes by borders when you change the number of pads/dimensions in Pattern Editor.
  • Pad to copper pour thermals are rotated by pad/component angle.
  • Selecting object and opening its submenu from Design Manager in Schematic and PCB (right click on the item in the Design Manager).
  • Groups in Component and Pattern Editors, similar to Schematic and PCB.
  • Measure tool in Schematic and Component Editor.
  • Properties dialog windows may change locked objects after confirmation.
  • Updating PCB from Schematic keeps locked components non-existent in Schematic.
  • Export all Gerber and Drill files into a zip archive with a single click.
  • Configurable default filenames for drill export.

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22 May 2020

Most helpful

This is not a Mac app, it's a wineskin wrap for a Windows app. And you call this professional ? 1-star .
22 May 2020
This is not a Mac app, it's a wineskin wrap for a Windows app. And you call this professional ? 1-star .