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30 January 2018

Sidebar helper.


WinASide is a simple and lightweight helper sitting on either the left or right side of your screen as a sidebar and provides helpful shortcut access to common tasks in some apps. It can be an iTunes playback controller, a browser tab switcher or even a window manager if you install a little helper model manually.

WinASide is best for mouse-focused users, so instead of using your keyboard you can do various tasks just with your cursor with having dozen of status-bar apps providing such quick actions.

WinASide’s features are modules, which can be enabled or disabled by you so WinASide will do only what you expect it to do.

What's new in WinAside

Version 1.3:
  • Now highly improved response time and performance of window switching (Important: if you are already using this module, you need to update its helper by downloading it from product homepage and drop it onto the installer.)
  • From all windows shelf, you can drag out to close or even Shift + Drag to quit apps, or simply click to activate, WinASide will change to this Space automatically
  • Now you can access all windows on any Space you have, to do this, simply swipe/scroll left/right on the panel to switch between this Space or all Spaces
  • Fixed the bug that WinASide would launch iTunes automatically if this module is enabled
  • Other minor bug fixes

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