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17 October 2018

Correct pixel color.


ColorDrop allows you to correct and perfect pixel color.

  • Quickly pick correct and prefect pixel color
  • Easily switches between color, Hex and RGB.
  • Save your colors to color Palette for later use
  • Get code for Swift(UIColor,NSColor) and ObjectiveC(UIColor,NSColor)
  • Get color from comma or space separated RGB values.No need to type separate value for R,G and B
  • Make Window stay on top of all windows
  • Ability to delete single or clear all color from color Palette

What's new in ColorDrop

Version 1.4.1:
  • Now launch app from Menu Bar(to enable go to Preferences -> click Launch at login)
  • Now copy color from one project to another(right click on the color -> Copy to Project -> Select desire Project )
  • Now pick color from color panel
  • Now color picker showing RGB for the current pixel

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