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19 June 2020

Draw on your screen.


ScreenBrush is a quick and useful way to demonstrate something on your screen by drawing. It helps to concentrate attention on significant points.

  • Drawing over screen windows
  • Paint over a fullscreen app
  • Simple and useful toolbar
  • Shortcuts assignable
  • Click through canvas by holding Fn key
  • Move drawing by holding Cmd key
  • Repeat last drawing
  • Statusbar app
  • Multiple screens support
  • Support for the Touch Bar
  • Retina display support
  • ScreenBrush Remote for iOS

What's new in ScreenBrush

Version 1.6.9:

Note: This application contains in-app and/or external module purchases.

  • Introducing Ghost ModeThat mode allows you to temporary disable drawing and keep ScreenBrush on top of the screen.
  • Status Bar IndicationScreenBrush will use appropriate icon in Status Bar for its activity modes.
  • Remove multiple drawings with Scissors Tool by selecting a part of the screen
  • Create text by click with fixed size
  • Duplicate drawings by holding Alt key and dragging selected object.
  • Copy all drawings to Clipboard by pressing Cmd-C shortcut.
  • New options in Preferences - Default font for Text tool.- Alternate tool switching mode that can change tool between two recent tool types.- Flashlight radius adjustment.- Ability to disable Tool Tips.- Arrow head size relative its length.- Green Activity Indicator in Status Bar instead of monochromatic.
  • Change a color hue by a shortcut Alt with one of 10 number keys
  • Magnifying FlashlightUse it to enlarge the area highlighted by Flashlight.Double-tap with two fingers or press Alt-Z to turn on/off zoom.Pinch with two fingers or Alt-Scroll to zoom in and zoom out.
  • Whiteboard allows you to draw over opaque overlay. Press Cmd-W to turn it on.
  • Autosave drawings in Freeze Mode option can automatically save canvas during work and load it on app launch.
  • Move toolbar to external screen.
  • Color hue shortcuts now could be switched to color mode that allows you to select a specific color.
  • Semi Transparent Drawing option

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19 August 2017
Version: 1.0

Most helpful

$4.00 for Plus version, which adds: • Arrow • Rectangle • Ellipse • Line • Freeze Drawing • Color Wheel • Undo and redo
19 August 2017
Version: 1.0
$4.00 for Plus version, which adds: • Arrow • Rectangle • Ellipse • Line • Freeze Drawing • Color Wheel • Undo and redo