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JukeMagic for Spotify1.11

02 August 2017

Spotify music player.


JukeMagic for Spotify is a unique music player for streaming music services (Spotify).

JukeMagic for Spotify Features:
  • Minimalistic and simple to fit your screen without distraction.
  • Innovative progress displays continuous playback through tracks.
  • Cross-fade sound transition.
  • Experience "analogue" feel of simplicity with essential controls.
  • Instantly listen exactly what you look for.

What's new in JukeMagic for Spotify

Version 1.11:
  • Ability to get your own playlists from Playlist Search with two options:
    • A: Type "=[#]" in Playlist search field where [#] is a position of your playlist in order of creation, example: =1
    • B: Use "Copy Playlist Link" Share option from Spotify App or Web Player and paste link into Playlist search field. (Spotify does not show your playlists in a keyword search)

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