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18 May 2017

Extract all substring repetitions in a given sequence.


PatMinr features four different state-of-the-art algorithms to extract all substring repetitions in a given sequence of characters. The four methods are the following:

  • BiDESt is an adaptation of the BIDE method (Wang et al., 2003) for substring pattern mining.
  • BiDEStOn is a new online version of BiDESt, specifically developed for PatMinr.
  • UkkoClos constructs a suffix tree (Ukkonen, 1995) and selects the closed patterns from the tree.
  • ClosUkko is a brand new approach that is faster than the three other methods in some cases. (Scientific paper currently under review)

What's new in PatMinr

Version 0.2:
  • New, optimized, versions of the pattern analysis algorithms
  • Clearer representation of the resulting pattern tree

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