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29 November 2019

Vector graphics design with animation.


Keyshape is a vector graphics design software with animation capabilities. You can create animated icons, banners, and vector graphics for web pages and social media sites.

  • Drawing Tools
    • Typical vector tools, such as node, pen, pencil, rectangle, ellipse, hand, and zoom tool
    • Immediately see the preview of the shape you draw
    • Boolean path operations
    • Text-on-path for curved text
    • Use linear and radial gradients
    • CSS shorthand filters
  • Animation Features
    • Timeline-based animations with keyframes
    • Animate position, scale, rotation, opacity, stroke opacity, fill opacity, stroke color, fill color, stroke width, dash array, dash offset, and filter
    • Preview animations on web browsers with a click of a button
  • Work With SVG
    • Open SVG documents created in other vector graphics software
    • Copy SVG code directly from Keyshape to a text editor
    • Paste SVG code directly from a text editor or web page to Keyshape
  • Export Formats
    • SVG with CSS animations
    • SVG with Javascript animations
    • PNG, JPEG
    • Image sequences, sprite sheets
    • Animated GIF
    • MPEG-4 video

What's new in Keyshape

Version 1.10.0:
  • Animation bars and object collapsing to the timeline
  • Time markers
  • Timeline colors
  • Shortcut keys for auto-keyframing and loop playback
  • Alpha values for fill and stroke colors
  • The timeline to show all objects
  • Symbol instance timing to be adjustable
  • Option+Delete to preserve motion path shapes
  • Copying symbol instances to also copy symbols
  • Not to show defs or symbol objects in the object tree or timeline
  • Easing names to be visible by default
  • The icon for symbols to look more like a symbol
  • Ids starting with a number to export properly in CSS animations
  • The unlocked icon to be visible
  • SVG exporter optimizer to remove unused ids correctly
  • SVG exporter optimizer not to break CSS path animations
  • The Touch Bar to display correct time after playback is stopped
  • Conversions from time values to frame numbers
  • SVG path data parsing
  • The WebP exporting timestamp issue

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2 Reviews of Keyshape

22 May 2020
Version: 1.10.0

Most helpful

Works great for me
27 June 2020
Version: 1.10.0
Love the app. Not a lot of memory usage, small footprint, gets the job done without any fuss. Hope development will be continued into macOS 11 and beyond.
22 May 2020
Version: 1.10.0
Works great for me