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23 April 2020

Companion tool that works with Cetus printers.


Cetus3D is required for the operation of our 3D printer "Cetus". The software provides 2 major functions: slicing 3D models and sending the data to Cetus printer for printing; and uploading and sharing their 3D models to other people who use the same printer.

  • Arrange model on print plate: resize, rotate, invert, move,auto place, merge, fix, etc.
  • Setup printing parameter and send the sliced model to printer for printing
  • Provide simple preset models for basic modification of existing models
  • Upload models to our 3D model sharing platform, the "Moshop"
  • Provide tools to convert 2D images into lithopanes
  • Allows sending Gcode to the Cetus printer for more user defined functionalities

What's new in Cetus3D

Version 2.2.2:
  • Added Supports Editor
    • You can edit support and overhang structures in UP Studio.
    • Also provides three different display options to view the structure while editing.
    • Added layer number display on Play Preview control bar.
  • Added layer preview in Preview (inside Print Settings).
    • Layer preview: includes supports, layers, and infill structures. Can also play an animation of the print job.
    • Preview also available to view as lines with the linear view.
    • Added support color variation to more easily differentiate between supports.
  • Print bed turns transparent if viewing in Down angle.
  • The default color of the model has been changed to gray.
  • Removed sign up/sign in restrictions for customizing material temperature.
  • Improved general build envelope display.
  • Upgrade folder will be automatically deleted after the upgrade installation is complete.

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