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Thermodynamics Calculator1.0

03 May 2017

Calculator for thermodynamics functions.


Thermodynamics Calculator is an easy-to-use app that contains 49 calculators: Heat Flow, Stefan Boltzmann Law, Radiation Energy, Otto Cycle Compression Ratio (CR), Carnot Cycle Efficiency, Stefan-Boltzmann Law, Radiant Heat Energy, Heat Transfer Rate, Thermal Linear and Volumetric Expansion, Thermal Volumetric Expansion Coefficient, Thermal Linear Expansion Coefficient, Thermal Diffusivity, Thermal Conductivity, Hall Voltage, Ehrenfest Equation for Second Order Phase Transition, Ehrenfest Equation for First Order Phase Transition, Van der Waals Force (Interaction), Log Mean Temperature Difference (LMTD), Heat Transfer (Q), Flow Coefficient (Cv) for Saturated Wet Steam, Solar Panel Capacity, Solar Panel Requirement, Van der Waals Gas Critical Pressure, Dieterici Gas Critical Pressure, Dieterici Gas Reduced Pressure, Gas Viscosity, Black Body Radiation Exitance, Reduced Van der Waals Equation of State, Critical Molar Volume of Van Der Waals Gas, Van der Waals Gas Critical Temperature, Critical Molar Volume of Dieterici Gas, Mean Free Path, Dieterici Gas Equation of State Pressure, Flow Coefficient of Air, Specific Latent Heat, Mechanical Advantage, Monatomic Gas Pressure, Fermi Energy of Fermi Gas, Fermi Temperature of Electrons, Fermi Gas Electron Heat Capacity, Density of States of Fermi Gas, Phase Transition Latent Heat, Clausius Clapeyron Relation, Phonon Lattice Thermal Conductivity, Internal Energy of Monatomic Gas, Flow Coefficient of Air and Gases for Non-Critical Pressure Drop, Convective Heat Transfer, Isentropic Flow Pressure Relation Based on Temperature, Mean Heat Transfer Rate of Heat Exchanger, Most Probable Speed in Maxwell Boltzmann Distribution, Kirchhoff's Law Radiative Transfer to Find Source Function

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