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31 August 2017

Craft apps for the Particle platform.


SpeckCode is the IDE for IoT. SpeckCode provides an integrated development environment (IDE) for crafting great applications for the Particle platform. Develop your Photon, Electron, or Pi based applications in a modern development environment utilizing all the advantages of a macOS based application. No more cross platform sacrifices needed. SpeckCode principally provides two capabilities: project management (code editor) and device management:

  • General
    • Support for multiple Particle accounts, simultaneously. Add all your accounts and work seamlessly across each account
  • Code Editor
    • Integrated Build and Run actions to compile and run for target devices
    • Syntax coloring for all source views
    • Customizable color schemes with multiple pre-defined schemes
    • Configurable code editing features including auto-completion, identation management, and more advanced code editing capabilities
    • Tight integration with Particle libraries. Import libraries into an active project with two clicks
    • Project auto-saving and history: Automatically manage project revisions and easily revert to previous versions with ease
    • Bi-directional serial port monitoring with auto-connect capability
  • Device Management
    • Manage all your devices across multiple Particle accounts
    • View variables for each device
    • Monitor and log events published by devices. Maintain a persistent history of events across application launches
    • Call functions exposed by individual devices and view the results
    • View configured webhooks
    • Manage authentication tokens

Note: This application contains in-app and/or external module purchases.

What's new in SpeckCode

Version 1.0.15:
  • Improvements to the visualizations (graphs) of the devices overview
  • Graphics improvements
  • Added history to Webhooks
  • Added ability to ping individual or multiple devices (based on their state)
  • Added ability to associate notes with devices (synchronized via the Particle cloud)
  • Added the ability to start/stop signaling a device (flash the device's LEDs in a rainbow)
  • Improvements to OAuth token management
  • Updated the firmware API documentation

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