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ByteSecurity Antivirus1.0.6

21 May 2017

Complete anti-virus solution.


ByteSecurity Antivirus protects you against threats which aren’t after your computer they’re after your identity and your money. These days hackers "phish," "spearphish," and "whale" to target you specifically. Combine these with other threats like router hijacking, and your identity is at great risk of being stolen. We don’t slow your computer down with big updates; instead, our continual stream of automatic micro updates always keeps your protection current. More people around the world trust ByteSecurity for their security. That means better security for all of us. The reason is simple: we see and react to more data from more users, so we can make your protection better.

  • Lighting speed scan
  • Malware and adware database updated daily
  • Vulnerability scanner
  • Real time system health monitor
  • Adware scanner
  • Browser cleaner
  • Light weight size
  • Easy to use UI (user interface)
  • Custom scan ByteSecurity Antivirus passed the EICAR
  • European Expert Group for IT-Security test file

What's new in ByteSecurity Antivirus

Version 1.0.6:
  • Minor bugfix
  • Adware engine bugfix

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3 Reviews of ByteSecurity Antivirus

28 April 2017
Version: 1.0.2

Most helpful

What's up with these fake users and (probably also) bogus reviews on their web site?

22 May 2017
Version: 1.0.6
What's New Version 1.0.6: • _Adware engine_ bugfix That says it all. I have two of its ad notices - disguised as official Apple Security & Privacy notifications telling me to DOWNLOAD NOW - floating on my Desktop, right now, and I haven't even _downloaded_ this thing, let alone _installed_ it! And I can't get rid of them!
08 May 2017
Version: 1.0.5
This is the same scammy vendor also known as Genius Apps, which posts other "free" ware such as Firewall CyberGuard that pops up fake security alert about "Apple Security & Privacy Preference" being compromised in order to entice victims into downloading this ByteSecurity Antivirus software. Do a "whois" and "whois". Both are registered via Namecheap with WhoisGuard on. Before you ever download any software by "1st Byte Security" and "Genius Apps", question why some software claiming to safeguard your computer's security is actually creating bogus security alert while trying to hide the fact they are one and the same entity. Do you really want to fall for nonsensical claims like "More people around the world trust ByteSecurity for their security"? Do you?
28 April 2017
Version: 1.0.2
What's up with these fake users and (probably also) bogus reviews on their web site?

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