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Ping, TraceRoute, and Whois tool.   Demo ($49.95)
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VisualRoute allows you to perform TraceRoutes, Ping, and Whois commands with a visual interface instead of using the Terminal.

VisualRoute is available in several versions to meet various needs. See the developer's website for more information.
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Version 14.0j: Release notes were unavailable when this listing was updated.
PPC, Mac OS X 10.3 or later

  • WhatRoute

  • NetBarrier

  • Path Analyzer...

  • MacAudit
VisualRoute User Discussion (Write a Review)
ver. 14.x:
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Pettifogger0712 commented on 14 Apr 2014
Version 14.0l was released on November 30th 2011 (FYI)
[Version 14.0j]


alas! commented on 12 Feb 2011
Seems to work OK although I'm far from a technical sophisticate; I just want a basic overview of how my internet connections function but $50 for it IS rather a kick in the nuts.
I might pay 15-$20 for it but $50? No way in Hell!
[Version 14.0i]



26cab40 reviewed on 01 Mar 2010
$50 !!!

$50 !!!
Dream on kids...
[Version 14.0b]



JamesP reviewed on 19 Dec 2006
This program is painful. Not only is it a Java app, making it slow and in some cases ugly, the user interface is designed for a 4-year-old instead of a network professional. The important statistics are hard to get to or in many cases, completely unavailable.

If you're looking for a program help find network problems and show you real network information to help you resolve problems, don't buy this.

If you're looking for a program that will show a pretty picture of a map, a guess as to where IPs are located, and just barely scratch the surface of a network, this may be for you.
[Version 11b]



peanut butter reviewed on 16 Mar 2006
slow...feels like a java app.

With 4-5 tabs open it really slows down, and when it gets slow it crashes.

I have now crashed a fresh install about 10 times. When I use it I have to be mindful of not going to quickly, as the app will become overwhelmed and confused.

It's pricey, but if it was rock solid, with a zippy interface, it would be worth it.
[Version 10.0i]



reverb reviewed on 10 Nov 2005
As others have mentioned, there are many free alternatives that have the same basic features. But VisualRoute might be a good product for those who find Mac OS X's Network Utility to be overly technical. That isn't to say VisualRoute is easier to use -- it's just difficult in other ways. On several occasions, I found the interface confusing or poorly implemented. For example, after running a traceroute, it wouldn't let me view the entire contents of the "Analysis" pane. VisualRoute feels more like a clunky Windows app than an elegant Mac app. The Preference menu isn't even in the proper place. On the plus side, the geo mapping feature is neat. With an interface overhaul and a steeply discounted price, this could be a very nice tool. Until then, I'll stick with freebies like Network Utility and WhatRoute (which also has a mapping feature).
[Version 10.0c]


Anonymous reviewed on 09 Aug 2005
Why not just use the network utility that comes with os x?
[Version 9.3g]

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peanut butter replied on 16 Mar 2006
Visual Route does at least one very useful thing that network utility does not....

plotting traceroutes and saving data. this is very useful for watching a certain router over a period of time, rather than just seeing if something can be pinged.

Mistere replied on 13 May 2010
Peanut Butter's comment is the only reason I can think not to but $50. No thanks. Surely there is a solution to do this for free.

Anonymous reviewed on 28 Jul 2005
this app is nice, and presents a comprehensive listing of data. Admittedly it appears simple at first, but having a wealth of data at your finger tips is quite a time saver. I would say it's painfully overpriced still :
[Version 9.3f]


Anonymous reviewed on 11 Jul 2005
LOL $50 now! This dev must be out of his mind!
[Version 9.3e]


Anonymous reviewed on 13 May 2005
Am I missing something? $40?

Apple provides the 'Network Utility' in your Utilities folder that does all this. Why am I going to pay $40 for this?
[Version 9.3c]

There are currently no troubleshooting comments. If you are experiencing a problem with this app, please post a comment.

Dujoro rated on 01 Mar 2012

[Version 14.0j]

Mvcl rated on 13 Feb 2011

[Version 14.0i]

Version Downloads:1,934
Type:Internet : Internet Utilities
Date:12 Feb 2011
Platform:PPC 32 / OS X
Price: $49.95
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VisualRoute allows you to perform TraceRoutes, Ping, and Whois commands with a visual interface instead of using the Terminal.

VisualRoute is available in several versions to meet various needs. See the developer's website for more information.

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