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11 October 2019

Compress filers into password protected zip archives.


ZipEnc is a utility compresses folders and files into password protected zip archives, using built in features of Mac OS X. Compressed files can be opened on Windows and Linux computers as well. Nobody will be able to extract the content without a password. Safeguard your information not only on your own disk, but also when moving it around through email, on your laptop, removable hard drive or USB key.

What's new in ZipEnc

Version 3.04:
  • By default, the app places the compressed files, folders or apps next to them, just like the regular compress feature works.
  • The app can be set to place all compressed files and archives in another folder.
  • Passwords can contain special characters such as !@#$%^&*()_+=-~` Note that accented characters which are part of extended ASCII cannot be used, due to limitations of the system.
  • Containing folders can have white spaces in their path, as well as in their name.
  • Several files can be compressed, as well as a mix of files, folders and apps, and it produces an "" like the Finder's feature. If several archives are created, they are numbered, like the compress feature of the Finder.

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