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05 January 2018

Provide access to EC2 and RDS instances in AWS.

Overview is a quick and easy to use tool to quickly provide access to details about your EC2 and RDS instances in AWS.

As Amazon Web Services releases more services, features, and updates, it can become challenging to quickly get into the console (or filter through CLI responses) to access details about the instances you have deployed. provides the following, time-saving, features:
  • Show your EC2 and RDS instances, current status, and a brief list of important data.
  • Copy details such as Name and IP Addresses
  • See last hour of Cloudwatch CPU metrics
  • Support multiple AWS accounts
  • Quickly trigger SSH sessions to your EC2 instances
  • API Key and Secret information stored in KeyChain
  • Search and Filter by Tags
Instructions to Configure
  • is easy to configure! Click on the "cog wheel" then open the Options menu.
  • Select the General tab and use the + button to add your AWS "Access Key ID" and "Secret Access Key".
  • Add the AWS username associated to the Access Key ID
  • recommends you only use an AWS user account with Read Only credentials. AWS IAM provides a ReadOnly policy set built in.
  • Use the Regions tab to limit the number of regions scanned if you know you are not using specific regions.
  • Configure the SSH/RDP tab if you would like to have provide a quick and easy action to launch SSH (via iTerm or Terminal) or RDP, via CoRD. (open source RDP for Mac)

What's new in

Version 1.0.17:
  • Paris Region! Updated API!

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