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14 January 2020

Web privacy tool (was Better).


Better Blocker (was Better) is a web privacy tool for Safari on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. It protects you from tracking and behavioural advertising on the web by enforcing the principles of the Ethical Design Manifesto (

Better Blocker is developed and curated by - that’s Laura, Aral, and Osky - we’re a tiny two-person-and-one-husky social enterprise striving for social justice in the digital age. (Osky doesn’t code much.)

  • Blocks trackers and behavioural advertising.
  • We maintain our own block list based on our own web crawls to identify and block the most prevalent trackers. This makes Better’s block list lightweight and effective.
  • Improves the readability of popular web sites.
  • Easily contact us about sites that don’t play well with Better so we can fix it for everyone. (You can also add exceptions to turn Better off for certain sites until we’ve had a chance to fix things.)
  • Teaches you about trackers with encyclopedia-like entries.
  • Spotlights the worst offenders… Did you know that the worst site we found on the web had 172 trackers? Better blocks them all and makes that site 4× lighter and 15.8× faster!
  • Blocks blocker blockers (try saying that quickly a few times). Read our open letter to Wired in the app or on our web site to find out why blocking blockers puts people at risk on the web.
  • It’s open… anyone can help make Better even better.

What's new in Better Blocker

Version 2020.1:

Important notice: Better is moving to Small Technology Foundation

This update, which fixes nearly every bug we could find in the app, will be the last one released under the App Store account

What this means for you:
  • You can continue using Better on your devices
  • You will continue to receive blocking rule updates
  • You will not receive any further updates to the app itself
What if I also want to keep receiving App updates?

You will have to purchase the apps again from Small Technology Foundation on the App Store

Why is this happening?
  • We moved to Ireland and set up a new not-for-profit called Small Technology Foundation
  • We are shutting down Article 12 (, our not-for-profit in the UK
  • Due to Apple’s rules, the only way we can keep Better on the App Store is to remove it from sale from our developer account and submit it as a new app under our Small Technology Foundation account

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17 September 2017

Most helpful

No trial? No buy!
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Version 2017.2
08 May 2019
This is my favorite blocker. They block all the trackers and the offensive ads, while leaving some of the good ones. I'm not interested in depriving legitimate websites of revenue, I'm interested in not being tracked and not having my online experience ruined by intrusive ads.

When there is a site that doesn't work, or the site has taken countermeasures, I've found that their support responds quickly and they make sure they get it fixed.

Now, when sites nag about turning off a blocker, I don't feel bad. They can turn off tracking and they won't be blocked. We can help them earn a living, but we don't need to pay with our privacy.
Version 2018.2
20 September 2017
The only ads we do not block are respectful ads... So, no. All ads should be blocked.
Version 2017.3
17 September 2017
No trial? No buy!
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Version 2017.2
1 answer(s)
22 September 2017
I agree that Apple should allow trials in MAS, but that constant rant against developers using the App Store, gets out of proportion. This time if you want a trial you have to roll up your sleeves and compile the open-source Better Blocker (AGPL):

Satisfied with this FOSS app? Go to MAS and support developer!