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Trimplot Make3.1.1

27 June 2019

Print predesigned pieces in 3D.


Trimplot-Make is an application that allows you to print predesigned pieces in a 3D design program, takes a file in ".stl" format and generates the numeric code (G Code) that describes the piece and is interpreted by the 3D printer.

It has the following characteristics:

  • Allows you to set the print settings of your choice
  • Allows you to rotate and scale the piece to be printed
  • Allows you to generate a "delta tower" to be able to print pieces with very small layer surfaces
  • It has a visualizer that allows you to see the piece in its solid form, formed by lines or by points
  • It has a layered viewer, which allows you to see the different parts in which each layer is composed
  • You can save the generated numeric code on the hard disk to print directly to the printer using an SD memory card
  • You can connect a 3D printer directly to the USB port and print your model
  • It has an interface to control the 3D printer
  • It has a window that shows the generation steps of the G-Code, as well as its sending to the printer
  • The console window has a text field that allows sending special orders to the printer
  • Allows you to edit and save several versions of G-Code, for start/end a print job
  • The program checks and repairs the most common errors in STL files

The app supports printers with firmware type:

  • RepRap
  • Marlin
  • Volumatric
  • Makerbot

What's new in Trimplot Make

Version 3.1.1:
  • In this version, now you can save the print job to disk. To do this, select the print job in the model browser and select Main menu->File->Save print job ...
  • The new format for saving print jobs is called "3D printing job" with "3dpj" extension.
  • This new format saves the print job as it is represented on the printing bed, respecting all the general and individual print settings.
  • As of this version, the general print settings are completely individual between print jobs.
  • Now to access the print settings, select the job in the model browser and select Settings->Job print settings.
  • We added a new print setting called "Extra Extrusion when Recovering", which adds a small amount of input material when recovering from an extruder retraction.
  • Due to the conflicts that can be generated by saving/updating the general print settings, we added a new to save the print settings.
  • We added a new graph that shows the temperatures of both the extruder and the printing bed.
  • We have implemented the drag and drop. Now you can drag files type ".stl" or .3dpd" and drop into the Model view, and the app will open them.
  • Improvements in the performance and stability of the app.
  • Minor bug fixes.

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