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13 September 2017

Copy and paste using mouse buttons.


mouse34Btn lets you use your side mouse buttons to execute Copy (Cmd+C) and Paste (Cmd+V) commands. The latest version adds two new features: scroll mode activated by the middle button and close tab (Cmd+W) by double clicking of the middle button. Application is very lightweight and is meant to replace Logitech Control Center (LCC) or BetterTouchTool which otherwise are good apps, but are too complex and use too much resources. If you just want to Copy and Paste with your 5-button mouse (i.e. Logitech, Canyon, A4tech, etc.) or scroll with your trackball mouse, then mouse34Btn is for you.

How to use:

  1. Download the dmg file and install the app to your Applications folder.
  2. Start mouse34Btn from your Applications folder. App works in background, so you can see it working through Activity Monitor app.
  3. Open System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Items tab. Click on the "+" button and navigate to mouse34Btn app in your Applications folder. (This will run automatically the app when you login.)
  4. Now when use your side mouse buttons, the Copy (Cmd+C) and Paste (Cmd+V) commands should be executed.
  5. Scroll mode is activated by the middle button. Useful for trackball mouses without mouse wheel.
  6. When in scroll mode, the right-click deactivates the scrolling for 4 sec., so you can select a contextual menu command, then it automatically reverts to scroll mode. Middle-click on a contextual menu immediately reverts to scroll mode.
  7. Double-click of the middle button closes the active tab/window (Cmd+W).

To remove this app, Open System Preferences > Users & Groups > Login Items tab. Click on the "-" button to remove mouse34Btn app from the Login Items. Then log-out and log-in your system.

What's new in mouse34Btn

Version 0.9.6:
  • Adds scroll mode activated by the middle button
  • Adds close tab (Cmd+W) by double-clicking of the middle button

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