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12 February 2020

Cut-up text with generative music.


Wotja uses a powerful "Cut-up" technique to quickly help create novel text ideas for lyrics, songs, poems, haiku, stories, copy writing, etc. Wotja can also create optional random mixes of relaxing generative music.

  • Help unblock writer's block
  • Get more ideas for music or rap lyrics, poems, haiku, stories, copy writing, etc.
  • Generate unusual, obscure, non-obvious, ambiguous, and unexpected results
  • Play Wotja files, Wotja Box files created in Wotja for iOS
  • Play webpage embedded Wotja URLs with the included Wotja Safari extension
  • Create and play random mixes of relaxing generative music

What's new in Wotja

Version 20.2.3:

Note: While the software is classified as free, it offers in-App Purchases.

  • Templates from "BP20 Drones 1" Template Pak had stopped playing correctly in mixes (sorry!); no change to mixes is required and we've updated this and 2 older Drone paks to use Scale / Harmony Rule names of "Drone"
  • Inter-cell external MIDI event timing issue
  • Duplication of MIDI events sent to MIDI device
  • Controller modulating Scale of Amplifier was wrongly having a side-effect on Pan
  • Display Language selection (Settings > Info > Display Language > System/English/Chinese/Japanese) is now saved across sessions
  • Preview of a Template List item is now indicated with a green tint
  • Added Action menu item "Edit Full Screen" in FX Network Editor screen
  • Add New > "Cut-Up Text (Empty Mix)" reworded to "Empty Mix (Cut-Up Text)" and now opens in the Mix screen
  • Could not open a .noatikl file outside of the Wotja Folder
  • Crash in "Add New > Mix (from Clipboard)" where nothing suitable was found in the Clipboard
  • Occasional crashes in "Add New > Mix" and when previewing in Template List
  • New popup message when there are insufficient free MIDI channels available to permit addition of a Generator or to allow Cell Merge or Replace (e.g. from Template browser, Clipboard etc.)
  • Rule names are now case sensitive
  • Thinner scrollbar!

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