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Solfege Singing Trainer1.3

06 March 2017

Develop Relative Pitch, Absolute Pitch, Sight Reading, and Sight Singing skills.


Solfege Singing Trainer will help you develop Relative Pitch, Absolute Pitch, Sight Reading, and Sight Singing skills like no other method out there. You will start each practice session by warming up, then singing single notes, then intervals, and finally scales. The note that you should be singing is illustrated on the note stave, as well as on the graphical piano keyboard. If you sang the note correctly, you move on to the next note, otherwise, you continue singing until you hit the right pitch. If you need a reminder of how a note sounds, you can click on that note in the graphical piano keyboard. Solfege Singing Trainer allows you to customize just about everything about the notes that you are singing, including range, sharps/flats, types of intervals, types of scales, ascending or descending scale order, bass or treble clef, playback instrument, amount of questions per section. There is also a built in Wikipedia style reference for single notes, intervals, and scales. The application monitors your performance and makes it easy to see your strong and weak areas in graphical reports. Solfege Singing Trainer is truly an amazing application that will train essential music skills you cannot get by reading a book or even working with a private tutor. It works for all ages. Let it work for you!

What's new in Solfege Singing Trainer

Version 1.3:
  • Your vocal range measurement is now taken at the beginning of each training session.
  • All future exercises are automatically calibrated to fit your vocal range – you no longer have to make manual adjustments in the application settings to make the program generate notes that you are able to sing
  • You now start of each training session with a warmup section
  • Audio playback preview has been added for single notes, intervals, and scales. This features allows you to hear how the notes on the note stave should sound before you start singing
  • Intervals now support ascending as well as descending directions
  • Type names for interval and scales have been added. For example, in addition to the noted C and E being rendered on the note stave, there is also a label indicating “C major third interval”

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