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Astrodynamics Calculator2.0

03 April 2020

Calculators for astrodynamics.


Astrodynamics Calculator is an easy-to-use app for astrodynamics computations.

  • Luminosity of Cepheid variable
  • Absolute visual magnitude of Cepheid variables
  • Black hole evaporation time
  • Black hole temperature
  • Cosmological recession velocity
  • Relativistic pressure
  • Neutron star degeneracy pressure by non-relativistic neutrons
  • Chandrasekhar mass
  • Angular radius of Einstein ring
  • Absolute magnitude of Sun i band
  • Black hole Schwarzschild radius
  • Black hole gravitational redshift
  • Gravitational wave luminosity
  • Cosmological lambda density parameter
  • Hubble parameter at redshift
  • Hubble law radial velocity
  • Friedmann equation based on pressure
  • Friedmann equation
  • Eddington luminosity limit based on solar mass
  • Eddington luminosity limit
  • Cosmological redshift
  • Cosmological matter density parameter
  • Cosmological curvature density parameter
  • Cosmology critical density

What's new in Astrodynamics Calculator

Version 2.0:

Note: Now requires OS X 10.15.1 or later

  • Redesigned from the ground up
  • Added search field
  • Added appearance settings for dark and light mode

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