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20 September 2019

Real-time visual building-project tool.


Revizto is a real-time visual collaboration tool for anyone working on a building project, including architects, engineers, contractors, and owners. Revizto helps to reduce errors and misunderstandings in the team during a project life cycle. Even non-expert users find it easy to work with Revizto.

Revizto allows you to examine scenes created in Revizto, a productive software for PC. Revizto turns BIM and CAD models into navigable 3D environment and allows to share these scenes using cloud-based repository - Revizto Workspace and collaborate from any device using Revizto.

What's new in Revizto

Version 4.10.1:
  • New integration with BIM 360 Docs and BIM 360 Team for Revizto Documents. It includes the ability to browse BIM 360 hosted files within Revizto, attach them to issues, convert hosted PDFs to sheets
  • 2D gallery:
    • Visual indicators for sheets hosted on Box/Procore/BIM 360
    • New sheet filter by the number of total issues
  • Image viewer in Issue Tracker attachments and Docs: ability to open any image as 360 panorama
  • Docs: checkboxes for group operations moved to the left side
  • some other visual tweaks
  • New setting in Cache Management: ability to set max file size for issue attachments downloaded using "Download for field" button
  • Terminology change: Revizto Revisions renamed to Versions to eliminate ambiguity with Revit sheet Revisions. Project -> Revisions dialog is now called Project -> Versions
  • Tooltips in the UI will now show up quicker
  • Stability improvements and bug fixes

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  • Intel 64
  • OS X 10.9.0 or later
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